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Things to Be Remembered in Renal Diet Menu

Renal mRenal Diet Menuenu diet will be something that wanted to be known by some people who suffer from renal diseases or kidney diseases. It is a common knowledge to know that daily diet will affect the condition of health. Eating the right foods will help people in getting the better. Nobody likes to be sick all the time. Getting better and healthier is definitely a better option. By changing the daily diet, there will be a better chance to get better and healthier. Now the question is the important things in renal diet menu. What are those important things?

The Key Points to the Healthy Renal Diet

There are five key points that will need to be remembered in renal diet menu. These are important to be remembered all the time and just about foods.

  • Limit the intake of sodium (salt), protein and fluids. Some people may even need to limit phosphorus and potassium.
  • Get enough calories for daily activities.
  • Get the advices for the best diet menu to the dietitian.
  • Determination is necessary because changing diet can be a difficult thing to be done without the strong will.
  • The diet menu might need to be changed alongside changes in the disease.

The Foods to Be Avoided or Reduced

For the better renal diet menu, everyone needs to know the foods that must be avoided or reduced. By knowing these items, there will be easier way to create the healthy daily menu that will provide enough energy for activities. In renal diet menu sodium or salt needs to be reduced. Therefore, when taking canned foods or other ready to serve foods, try to check food label to make sure that there is no hidden slat. Monosodium glutamate (also known as MSG) or disodium phosphate are just some examples.

Sources of protein need to be known as well. Protein can make kidney work harder and that will be something avoided in renal diet menu. Try to avoid or just reduce the protein intake. Meats, fish, dairy products, cereals, vegetables and breads contain protein. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful. In renal diet menu, several minerals such as phosphorus and potassium need to be limited as well. Dairy products, nuts, beans and seeds are rich in phosphorus. Thus they need to be limited. Bananas and potatoes are rich in potassium and thus also need to be limited. Meats, grains, fruits and vegetables are also sources of potassium.

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