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Renal Diet Foods

Renal Diet Foods Choices For Kidney’s Health

Renal Diet Foods Choices For Kidney’s HealthRenal diet foods would be life saving foods when you are suffering from kidney disease. Being diagnosed with kidney disease will force you to make a huge change on your diet. It gives you strict limitation on what you can eat in your everyday life. Foods that used to be common dish on your plate can be deadly. It definitely makes you super careful in choosing your daily meals. You must know what you should put into your plate that won’t give dangerous side effect to your health.

A huge change into your diet will be required to lessen the work of your kidney, so it won’t get worst than the current condition.

Basic Changes In Renal Diet Foods

At first, it will feel weird to follow the rules in renal diet. Although it’s weird and unconditional, but renal diet is carefully set and designed for your health. Going deeper into the basic rules in this renal diet, you will have to change your daily habits that include limitation of fluids intake. You are only allowed to have limited amount of salt, electrolytes, potassium, and phosphorous.

Renal diet foods are way different from weight loss diet. If you are on diet to lose weight you will have more protein into your plate. In renal diet, it’s way different as your protein consumption is strictly limites. You are even allowed to have more calories on your menu if you start losing weight. You should know that the main purpose of renal diet is to maintain the levels of fluid, electrolytes, and minerals inside your body on balance.

It’s important if you suffer from serious kidney disease that requires routine dialysis. Limitation on fluids intake is required as people suffering from kidney disease will only urinate on very small amount. If you drink too much of fluid, it will build up in your body and cause serious problems in the body.

Renal Diet Foods Combination and Choices

You should know that renal diet is way different from the usual diet program. The diet will consist of carbohydrates, the ones that are low in potassium and phosphorus. It also inserts low-protein foods as it has lower side effects for your kidney. Monosaturated and polyunsaturated fat is also included in the diet. You can throw away your butter, meats, lard, and shortening which are dangerous for your diet.

Other than choices of food, Renal diet foods also set the portion of your meals as you need to stop eating when you already feel full.

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