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Foods in Your Bland Diet Menus

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A Bland diet is not a type of fad diet that will make you slimmer in two weeks. This particular diet is not for everyone. A Bland diet is for those who suffer from heartburn, ulcers, gas, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. People who had intestinal or stomach surgery is also advised to be on this diet. Bland diet menus usually consist of foods that are low-fiber, soft, and not very spicy. If your doctor advised you to be on this diet, you must not eat fried food, raw food, and spicy food. You should not drink alcoholic drink, and caffeinated drink. Usually, your doctor will tell you when to stop being on this diet.

Foods in your bland diet menus

There are certain foods that you can put in your bland diet menus. These foods will not stimulate gas in your stomach. It will not irritate your digestive system either. Some of them are:

– Refined hot cereals, e.g.: cream of wheat, oatmeal, cooked rice cereal

– Pasta, bread, and crackers that are made of refined white flour

– Soup and broth

– Fruit juice, and canned or cooked fruits, e.g.: canned peaches and applesauce

– Vegetable juice and frozen, canned and cooked vegetables

– Lean and tender meat

– Creamy peanut butter

– Eggs

– Pudding

– Tofu

– Weak tea

– Low-fat milk and low-fat dairy products

There are other foods that you must avoid:

– Strong cheese

– Raw vegetables

– Dried fruit

– Fresh fruits and berries

– Bran and whole grain cereals

– Whole grain bread and crackers

– Spices e.g.: garlic and pepper

– Highly seasoned or smoked meat

– Foods with a lot of sugar and honey

– Fatty dairy food, e.g.: whipped cream and butter

– Fried food

– Gassy vegetables e.g.: cauliflower, cabbage, cucumber, broccoli, corn, and green pepper.

Tips on bland diet menus

While you are on this diet, you eat three meals and snacks as usual. The difference is that you must avoid eating stimulating or irritating food. Your menus must contain all the nutrition you need and dietary fiber. Season your food with salt sparingly. One of the examples of bland diet menus are oatmeal with a little of honey and canned fruit for breakfast, yogurt and crackers for snack, grilled chicken, steamed carrot, mashed potato with low-fat milk, and stewed peaches for lunch, broiled salmon, white rice, steamed asparagus, and angel food cake for dinner. While you are eating one of those foods, you must chew it well and slowly.

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