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All about Gerson Therapy Diet

Gerson Therapy DietGerson therapy diet will make your body healthy. This diet has a healing effect. It is said that this diet therapy can heal cancer and other degenerative diseases. Being on this diet will improve the immune system of your body so that your body will be able to fight free radicals. In consequence, you will be free from allergies, skin tuberculosis, arthritis, diabetes, and cancer. It is also said that being on this diet will cure your migraine. The Gerson therapy uses natural supplement, organic plant-based diet, raw juice, and coffee enema.

Gerson therapy diet: how it starts

In 1927, Max Gerson developed Gerson therapy diet for his tuberculosis patients. He also used this therapy for his patients who suffered from migraine. In 1928, Max Gerson began applying this diet for his patients who suffered from cancer. He claimed that it has cured 50 patients who suffered from terminal cancer in 1950s.

Gerson therapy diet: how it works

If you want to be on this diet, you must consume organic-grown fruit and vegetables daily. The amount of the fruit and veggies that you must consume is between 15 and 20 pounds. They are consumed in the form of raw juice and you must drink a glass of the juice in an hour. In a day, you must drink 13 glasses of raw juice. This juice contains high amount of enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrient. Protein, fat, and sodium almost cannot be found in it.

A patient who is on Gerson therapy diet usually will follow this therapy:

  1. Drinking 13 glasses of juice made of raw apple/ carrot and green leaf. The fruit and vegetables must be organic-grown and natural. It must be prepared freshly and consume every hour.
  2. Three meals contains organic vegetables, fruits, and whole grain. One of the common diet plans is baked potato, salad, Hippocrates soup, steamed vegetables, and fruit juice.
  3. Fresh vegetables or fresh fruits for snacks.

There are some foods that must not be eaten by people who is on Geson diet. Some of them are foods that contain protein, high protein, or fat, highly processed food, dairy products, pineapple, berries, cucumber, avocado, alcoholic drinks, soy and soy products, dried beans and legumes, mushrooms, spices, meat, cake, non-herbla tea, caffeinated drinks, and drinking water.

The patient must take B-12, thyroid hormone, potassium compound, pancreatic enzyme, and lugol’s solution supplements. Coffe enemas procedure must also be followed. It is said that the coffee enema will help the liver get rid of the bad residue.

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